Thursday, January 23, 2014

Everything Is OK 1-23-14

Sorry its been a few days since I wrote on this blog.

But all is well. Same issues still with mom not trusting them to go to the bathroom, which is a BIG issue as I am still having to toilet her twice a day.

She is having troubles taking her medicine (mainly in the morning time), but it seems to be getting a little better. *** Insert Fingers Being Crossed here*******

She is still holding her baby doll and at times seems very jittery and unsure of her surroundings.
She is always looking to me when I am there to tell her what to do or what is OK for her to do.

I wish that she would being to feel comfortable there and think of this place as her home.

I understand that it has only been a week, but I WISH...

I took some photos this morning but have yet to down load them.

I noticed tonight when I went to visit her that she had on one black and one brown shoe.
Kind of made me chuckle. She would have flipped her mind if she did this at an earlier time in her life.

There was an issue this morning at breakfast with another lady, snatching the baby doll out of moms arms and screaming at her that the doll was her baby.
I swear I morphed into a protective mother Grizzly Bear. I had to breath and talk to myself, that she was confused and that she was not aware what she was doing. .... When really my first thought was "Hell No.. I will cut a B*&ch".

I love that women more than my life... I will protect her to the death.
It was like sitting in a classroom watching your child be bullied. I wanted to push her down on the playground.

But---- I took the high road and went and got the lady another doll and took moms back from her.

I will post some more photos tomorrow.
Just wanted to make a quick update. We are all still OK and adjusting!

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