Monday, January 20, 2014

Day Seven: Showers are the Devil

I slept in not setting my alarm, mom has got to learn that she can eat breakfast by herself. I woke up around 8 and waited until about 9:30 to call and talk to Mom as well as Faye. I talked to Faye and she told me that mom did not really eat her breakfast and that Faye was the Devil today. I asked, why is that? She said I had to give your mom another shower this morning, in order to clean her up. I said 3 showers in 3 days.... Yes.. I am sure that you are the Devil. :)
I asked Faye if I could talk to mom and she said sure.. Mom wasted no time telling me that Faye was horrible that she slammed her around and broke her arm. I said, I am sure that you are fine. But told her that I would be there to see her in a little while. She was happy to hear that.

When G and arrived upstairs Faye asked to speak with G and I privately. She said that she wanted to be sure that we understood that she did not hurt mom while giving her a shower. That moms conversation with me on the phone was not accurate. I told Faye that I understood. That when I had to clean mom up or give her a shower that she would tell G and or Shawn that I broke her arms.

G and I went and sat with mom and had lunch with her. She was very ADD, she could not concentrate. She spent most of the time trying to feed G and I her lunch even though we had the same meal in front of us. We stayed about 2 hrs and then we left. I told mom that I would be back later or call her.

I went home and watched the first game with Shawn and Pop. When the second game started I went back up to see mom. When I got there she was having a conversation with reflection in the window to the porch door. When I walked up behind her she saw my reflection and began to yell "That is my girl, right there that is her". I said mom, turn around I am back here. I got her attention and walked her away from the window and asked her to come with me to her room since it was quite and would give her a minute to relax.
We sat in her room for about 10 minutes and then we walked back down to the living room. There was no where that she and I could sit together, so we went and sat in the dining room. The Med Tech from last night, saw me and said that she could five mom her meds if I wanted while I was there.
I smiled and said, yes please.
She brought the pills, a spoon and a cup of water. The pills were 100% correct this time... and mom took the medication from the spoon. The Med Tech told me that she could not touch the pills so the spoon was the only option. It worked so I was OK with it....

I needed to leave as it was getting late.. When I say late I mean like 7:30. I needed to get home and make dinner for Pop and Shawn. She again told me she was tired and she had already taken her medicine, so I got her ready for bed.

It almost makes me feel better to know that I put her in bed myself. I know that I can not do this forever, but for now..........

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