Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day Three: Better than Yesterday

I arrived this morning in time to sit with mom for breakfast. She was sitting at a table with 2 other ladies and an empty chair right next to her. I walked up and rubbed her arm and sat down in the empty chair. She said, Oh Hi do you want some breakfast. She was wearing her black slacks, black slip on shoes a multi-colored sweater and her favorite white jacket. Her hair was nicely brushed and she appeared to be calm. She as always spent most of her time eating her French Toast and Eggs trying to give all of her food to me to eat. I humored her and took a few bites. She kept looking out the back window at the cars in the parking lot and asked me where all the people were that belonged to the cars. I said working or in their apts.
The Med Tech Melinda, walked by while I was sitting with mom so I stopped her and asked if mom took her medicine for her today. She said No, but we will keep trying. I said I'm here do you want me to try? She said sure if you don't mind. I introduced mom to "my Friend Melinda" and told her that Melinda was helping me by giving her the medicine. I said, lets show Melinda how well you can take your pills. Which she did. The goal in my mind was for Melinda to know the routine that I used and also to help bridge that gap between mom and Melinda.
I told mom that I had to leave to go to work and she said ok, bye. I told her that I would be back later.

I was sitting in meeting right before lunch and my cell phone went off with a call from Sunrise. I quickly jumped up from the meeting to go out into the hall to take the call. It was Faye (her Morning Care Giver) She said that mom was asking about me and that I told her that we could call you and she could take to you at anytime. I was so grateful that Faye to the time to call me not only for moms sake, but lets me honest... For mine as well. I talked to mom for a few minutes about nothing. I just mainly listened. She asked me what I was doing.. I said working, what are you doing. She said keeping busy. She said that her friend Felicia (aka Faye) was really nice. I said yeah that was really nice of her to call me so that we could talk. I said she is a nice lady.... Mom said who? I said Faye.. She said who? I said Felicia.... To which mom replied who the hell is Felicia.. :)
I told her that I had to go back to work, but that I would stop by later to see her, she said OK.

I called around 3:00 just to see how she was doing and Bridget told me that everyone was sitting in the living room listening to the violinist.

I left work around 4:00 hoping to spend some time with mom not eating to see if out interaction would be any different.
I got off the elevator and noticed that a lady was standing right by the door, so I used the opposite door to enter than I usually do. When I walked in I saw Bridget and waved. She said you mom is over in this living room today. Which means to me that she is starting to walk around the floor mom.
I walked into the living room to find her, her "baby" and a lady friend sitting watching Judge Judy.
Mom said, Hi do you want to sit down with us... While patting the couch. I said sure and tried to fit my big @$$ in a little corner on the couch. Mom said I'll move over for you to have more room. When I sat down on the couch next to mom the cushion felt wet or cold, so I though that mom might have been wet. I tried to feel her pants and depends while sitting on the couch but I just could not tell. I asked her if she needed to go to the bathroom. She asked me if I needed to go. I said I could go and she said that me too. I helped her off the couch and we walked over to the public restroom which was locked. Ashley unlocked the door for us which must have been locked on accident by the last person that used it. Mom tried get me to go the bathroom first. I said that she should go first and that I would go last. She knew to unbutton her pants and pull them down, but forgot about needing to pull down the depends. Once I pointed it out to her she was concerned about pulling them down too far. She sat on the toilet and went right away..... Her Depends was dry, which was a HUGE relief to me. Now I know that she is being taken to the bathroom on a regular basis liked promised.
Celeste (the activities director) came around and started to gather everyone up for dinner. I walked mom to the dining room and sat with her while they were preparing her plate. Mom requested Swedish meatballs and steamed spinach. Gross and Gross!
I said to mom that I was going to go down to her room for a few minutes and just to check things out, but that I would be right back. She said ok I'll be here.
I entered her room after unlocking the main door and all things were in their place. I opened the closet which was still neat and tidy. Meaning mom is not spending time in her room or the closet would appear like the Tasmanian Devil came through.
I notice that all provided products were opened and sitting on the top shelf in her closet, other than the wipes. That box was still sealed and unopened. Which Immediately Pissed me off......
Of course my first thought was is mom not being cleaned each morning or after each wet depends being changed. I called Cari and also mentioned it to Bridget and addressed it as I'm sure that is another explanation other than my mom has been here three days and has not have a wipe on her skin. Cari said that she thought that the girls were probably using the wipes that they keep in the aprons, but she would do some checking and get back with an answer for me.
I walked back to the dining room and sat with mom while she finished eating. Tonight she asked me for the first time if she could go home with me for a few days. She asked me if I had room for her.
I told her that he room was here now and that I will come her to spend time with her. She said OK and moved onto a new subject.
Of course that question alone caused me to want to gather her up and bring her home.
She is adjusting well to this move... That is what I have to keep telling myself.

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