Tuesday, January 28, 2014

1/26/14-1/28/14 We've Made Progress

Sunday 1/26/14

Shawn and I decided to take Pop and Mom out for lunch. We picked Pop up and then drove over and checked mom out.
We decided to head to the beach since it was a nice day. We arrived at Sneakers in Jacksonville Beach around 11:30. I think that we beat the servers!
We had a good time. It was nice to hang with mom and pop and just relax for a change.
I took mom to the bathroom and quickly was reminded as to why I made the decision to place. She gets very anxious going to the bathroom. I tired to reassure her that everything was OK and that no one was in the bathroom with us. She started to get angry and frustrated. So I had to count to 10 and then count again...

We kept her out of the facility for around 2 1/2 hrs. We had lunch and then went a ran a few errands.
She was not sad or upset when we brought her back to the facility, so that was a step forward.

Monday 1/27/14

I decided to back off in the mornings and not rush to the facility to see mom. I want her to have the chance to learn that I am going to be there, but not rely on me to be there when she eats or has to take her medicine.
I woke up and decided to work from home for the day. I met Shawn for lunch and then drove over to see mom. She was sitting in the living room holding her baby :)
It was so nice outside that the facility had the doors to the patio opened, so I got mom to go sit outside with me for a while.
We sat outside and just talked... Well she talked.. I listened.

There is a lady at the facility who seems to have an issue with mom. Every time she seems mom holding the baby.. Which she does all the time. She screams at her to "give me back my baby".

Well Monday was no exception. Mom and I were sitting on the porch minding our business and then came the mean lady. I could feel myself starting to bow up as soon as she walked outside.
It was not two seconds and she started yelling at mom. Mom becomes so upset when this lady yells at her... I told the lady to STOP IT and go and get the other baby. Of course that made no sense to her..
I was not going to give in..... I finally reached the breaking point and told the lady to "just go away".

I moved mom back inside and away from the mean lady.
I talked to Fay (moms morning care giver) who told me that mom allowed her to shower her, she ate 75% of her breakfast and also that she went to the bathroom for her. (Insert applause here)

I called G on my way back home and told him to make sure and address this issue with Cari if she was there when he got there that night.

He said that he did and Cari stated that she would address it.

Tuesday 1/28/14

I arrived around 10:30 to walk in and find mom sitting on the couch with her baby singing songs with all the other residents. She looked happy and relaxed.
I leaned over the back of the couch and said.. Hi Mom. She said Oh, I'm sorry.
I said, sorry for what.? She said, I didn't know you were coming... I'm busy you will have to come back later...

I laughed so hard....

I let her continue to spend time doing the activities that I have complained out so many time, or lack there of. I walked over to Cari's office to address the bullying issue for myself.

She said that she was aware and that she notified the staff to keep them separate or to make sure that the mean lady has a baby. She said that this is not normal behavior for the lady and that mom is not the only person that this is occurring with. I told her that I didn't care about all the other people, I cared about only how my mom is handled.
I left and went back to work once I verified with the medication staff that they were successful in getting mom to take her medicine.

I went back after work and sat with mom for a while and just listened to her tell me all about her day.
I left when they were gathering everyone up to move to the dining room for dinner.

I told her that I would see her tomorrow.


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