Monday, January 20, 2014

Day Eight: We broke mom out

I again did not set my alarm clock, but woke up on my own around 8. Shawn was at the gym, so Pop and I watched the news and drank some coffee. I called to check on Mom and spoke with her for a few minutes.
She sounded OK...

Shawn and I have been wanting to take her out at least for a little while and we decided today was THE DAY.

We packed up Pop and headed over to see mom.

When we arrived it was lunch time, but mom was not in the dining room. Faye said that she would not eat and was probably sitting outside of her room. Which she was.

I took her to the bathroom (she was wet) changed her depends and headed to check her out.

We loaded her up and took her to the Town Center, just to walk around and get some fresh air.
She did really well... She was not stressing!

We had her out of the facility for about two hrs. She was not too happy with me when I brought her back, but she was not upset (sad).
I explained to her that her apt was here now and that we would come to visit her all the time and that sometimes she would be able to come with us to go places.

It was hard to leave her again....

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