Friday, January 17, 2014

Day Five: Ventured to the Bistro on the First Floor

I got up this morning with my alarm clock and didn't even once hit the snooze button. Last night I only took 1/2 of a Xanax to help me sleep. I was excited when I woke up and my first thought was going to see mom. I jumped up and got ready in record time. I was out the door fully showered, hair done and makeup all in 35 minutes...... Wish I could pull that off on a "normal" day :)

When I arrived, mom was sitting of by herself at the table in the living room area holding her baby.
She was watching HSN, which is kind of funny since that women use to order from that show hard core back when I was young. There were not a lot of people up yet, so it was really quite other than the TV BLASTING.... I can't help it... every time I walk into that place I want to turn the damn TV down. The staff was still waking everyone up, so it gave mom and I a chance to just sit and talk and for her not to force me to eat breakfast. She was happy, calm and relaxed......
The front of her hair appeared to be a little wet, so I asked her if she had a shower this morning. She said "yes" which I was not sure if that was accurate or not to be honest with you. The shower was suppose to be moved to Saturday when Faye was working. She quickly moved on to another subject, so I imagined that the "yes" to the shower was not accurate. God knows she screamed, kicked and cussed me for hours when I did showers at the house with her.
I sat with her and just talked and held her hand until they finally started to get everyone into the dining room for breakfast. I helped her over the dining area and got her all set up at the "table with a view". She sat down liked she owned the place and even pulled up an extra chair for her baby.
I told her that I was going to go to work, but that I would be back later one today. She said OK... See you later..

I left work around 3 to go and see mom again. I got off the elevator and saw that Cari's office door was open, so I stopped by to talk to her to see what her feelings were on how mom was adjusting.
She said that mom was doing really well. She was not combative and seemed to be adjusting to the other ladies well. Her only concern was that mom was not voiding enough through out the day. But I questioned whether mom was drinking enough. I told her that this morning her mouth seemed parched. She asked me if mom liked anything specific to drink. I told her that she likes for things to not be really cold. She prefers more room temperature drinks. Cari said that she will make that note and will also asked that the Care staff pay more attention to whether or not mom is drinking all of her drinks through out the day. She said that mom was still uneasy about the staff helping her change in the mornings and at night. That it's taking them about 40 minutes, but that she expects that with time she will grow to trust them and this time will get shorter.

When I walked in the memory area, mom was sitting in a chair with her baby next to another lady that was sleeping. She saw me and began to Bitch. She said "I am so pissed". I asked her what was wrong and told her to calm down. She said to me that none of these damn people do anything as she was pointing to the other ladies that were cat napping in their chairs or on the couch.
I laughed.. She use to say the same thing when she was at daycare.
I asked her to go and sit with me at the table, just so we could sit next to each other and talk. We talked and I opened the bag of single serving M&M's that Jessica had brought her. She only ate a few.
I talked to Cari earlier about starting to venture outside of the memory area and how she felt. She told me to start slowly, but to give it a try. So mom and I went downstairs to the Bistro and sat just for a little while. She was a little uneasy and didn't seem confident leaving the area. Once we got downstairs and were sitting she began to relax. We didn't stay long, maybe only 15 minutes or so. I really just wanted to test the waters to see if she would go back upstairs with me and how she would react. She was fine.. Not a single issue.
As we were getting up from the Bistro, G walked in. He was surprised to see us downstairs. I motioned to him to get off the elevator first and unlock the door to the memory area. She acted as though the door did not exist. We went and sat down at the table with G and talked about moms day.
Rhonda and Gage showed up to drop off the shadow box for the outside of moms room. Mom was excited to see her. I said to G, lets take her to her room and sit with her. So we walked toward her room and mom asked where we were going. I explained that her room was at the end of the hallway and that she could be sure to find hers now that she just needed to look for her shadow box with her name and pictures in it. She pointed the shadow box out to G and I went we reached her room.
We went in her room and looked at the pictures on her walls and commented on her view from her big windows.
All in All... It was a good visit.

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