Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day Two- And So It Begins

BAMB! I walked into reality this morning. Mom has realized this is not a slumber party or a spa vacation. When I arrived at Sunrise around 8:15am mom was in the dining room area getting ready for breakfast. She was very out of sorts and ADD but not the " let's get the hell out of here". She told me that they cut her head this morning and that the people there were awful. But in the same breathe agreed with me that the people were very friendly and nice. I humored her and examined her head to check for a cut.... I said "Nope... No blood from a cut and your head is still there. You are all good".
The med nurse stopped by and asked me if I was her daughter and If I could try to get her to take her medicine. I said, I'll try. She took the medicine for me with no issue.
Mom appeared clean, nicely dressed and hair and teeth were brushed. I didn't stay long remembering what Cari said about short frequent visits. I told mom that I had to go because I was going to work. She was ok with that. Didn't like it but was ok.
When I went back to Sunrise after work around 5pm, I ran into G on his way out. He had a look for the first time that this may have been a bad decision. Which caused me to react with emotions.
When I walked in mom was sitting at the dinning table with two other ladies holding her baby still.
Shawn hates that she carries this baby, but if it comforts her at all... I am OK with this.
I sat with her while she picked at her meal. They gave her a hotdog with all the fixings and plain lays chips, which are moms favor chips. Everyone else had a different side. I really appreciated that they remember this ... She ate all the chips and a few bites of the hotdog. I gave her a few M&M's for each bite. She got excited about the M&M's. I told her that I needed to leave and go back to work. She said OK, that she would stay there.
Talked to Kayla around 8:45pm, she said that she just got mom into bed. She kept telling Kayla that we were coming to pick her up. Kayla said that this was normal.
This is getting harder and harder day by day.
I talked to Cari today before my nightly visit and she said that in her opinion mom was doing well with the transition. She was impressed that mom remembered Faye (who mom has renamed Felicia) as someone that she can trust. Faye is her day time care taker.
I just wish that I could stop doubting my decision!

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