Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Decreasing Strength

Over the last week and a half moms ability to stand, walk or move her left side has been decreased.
I'm not sure if she is just tired and not sleeping well at night or if she is losing her ability to control that side.

That is the side that the stroke effected, but it seems worse to me over the last week or so.

On Saturday Shawn was walking around the house with her and he always stands more to her left since that is her weak side. Well she stepped back-wards and crossed her feet and went down toward her right. He was not able to catch her fast enough and they both went down.

Shawn broke her fall since she landed on top of him and she never stopped talking all the way down or after impact. I was in the kitchen and came running over to help both of them up. Shawn hurt his back (which has been an issue for about 10 years) and pulled his groin.

He took him time getting up, due to being so sore. Pop was sitting on the couch and leaded over and said .. Shawn are you hurt? I'll be ok Pop.... Don't worry.

Saturday night while we were sitting down to eat dinner, I didn't feel well. I felt like my heart was racing and I could not catch my breath. I said something to Shawn and he used the Pulse Ox machine that we had for dad. He checked my pulse and it was 102 resting. The look on his face was concern, but he said woman calm down... Your broken.
I tried the rest of the night to relax, even took a bath.
We went to bed around mid-night and 27 minutes later I was back up again from my heart feeling like it was going to beat out of my chest.
He again checked my pulse and it was now 125, from sleeping.

He said OK... Call your brother we are going to the hospital. So G came over and we drove to the ER and was rushed back and hooked up to an EKG machine within 5 minutes of getting to the ER.

All said and done. I was not having a heart attack or a stroke, but there was no real explanation to what was causing this irregular heart rate.
They did all kinds of blood work and did find that my potassium was low for some unknown reason.
They hung a bag of fluids in case I was dehydrated and also gave me two doses of potassium.

The nurse I had was so nice and funny, she helped relax me which I needed. When she said that I need to take a horse pill for the potassium, Shawn and I both laughed. I said can you cut it up into 4 pieces. She said Negative Ghost Rider.. I said then we have a problem. I have trouble getting Tylenol down... I can not swallow that...
She got me liquid and warned me that it tasted awful, but I had no choice.. I could not get that pill down.

Shawn and I came home around 5 hrs later with orders to follow up with my PCP. Which is also moms PCP and a Friend of mine.
I called her and of course she thought I was going to say mom was in the ER.. She said you! at least 5 times.
Women listen to me.. I am broken fix me....

I go in and see her on Wednesday, she has already called in a order for me to start (Short term) which seems to be helping slow down my heart rate. It is down into the 80's and I feel semi-normal again.

I will keep you all updated.

When it rains it pours! Pop was so upset, he said to me at least a dozen times... I cant lose you...
Broke my heart!

Today is Tuesday 3/3/15 and mom actually had good afternoon. Terri took her for a good long walk.
I tell you... That girl is a true blessing to us all.

I think I am going to start adding photos to the blog on the next post. It will be nice for you all to see mom.

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