Sunday, June 21, 2015

3 Months

I can't believe it has been 3 months since I last posted. Sorry!

I am a believer in no news nowadays being good news. My last update was more about me than mom, and I am happy to report that the physicians feel my issues are stress related. Not much I can do to change the situation, just need to try and balance life a little better.

Mom is still declining, I keep hoping for that platue again but it doesn't seem to happen. She is having a lot more difficulty walking on her own, especially when she is tired at all. She forgets to move her feet, so the waist up move and the feet remain planted. Which never makes for a good result.

She is gaining weight again, so we need to cut back on the Dairy Queen milkshake runs :) I am glad the weight is the now because I know that it will help in the long run, when she can no longer eat. But the issue is with the increase in weight she is harder to miniver. She requires lifting into bed and on and off the couch.

I've said this May times though that process, Shawn is a true blessing. He helps in every aspect of taking care of mom. He helps me with showers, feeding sand toileting. If it wasn't for him.... I could not do this on my own. I am truly blessed to have him! He has the patience with mom and pop like I've never seen. Now I just need to work on his patience with everything else :)

I have removed all medication for mom other than what is required to help her live (BP, blood thinner etc). No more medication for mood, Alzheimer's or appetite increases. There is no reason to continue this at this stage of the disease. Her Dr's supported my decision and were actually glad. Her Neurologist and PCP both feel that it is time for Hospice to be called in, but I am not in agreement yet! I am 100% familiar with what hospice can offer us and mom. Hospice was there for dad in the end am I am forever great full. Between, Shawn- Teri and myself, I feel like we are doing ok. We have found a weekend sitter that use to work with me that is now sitting with mom on occasional weekends. So that is an extra relief. I don't want to call in Hospice until she is bed ridden. Hospice only has so many slots available at a time, I don't want to take that opportunity away from someone else that really needs the help.

Mom is not mom anymore, she doesn't respond to mom... I have to call her by Georgiana in order to get her attention. She waves and talks to the lady In the mirror when we enter and leave the bathroom. She calls out to her brothers and sisters a lot and occasionally to dad. She calls me mom sometimes. I just saw, no... I'm Lisa but I guess in reality I am mom.
She is pretty quite all day and then when the clock strikes 3:00.... Holy shit! She is balls to the wall.... She talks non stop until we give her the Dream Water and out huer in bed. The talking is more like gibberish.... You can not really understand what she is saying other than the cuss words. Those are always clear :) I am great flu for each and everyday that I have with her! She was always my best friend and still is. I promised her that I would always take care of her and I will until the end.

Shawn and I stopped by and saw my parents neighbors Be picky and Charlie. I think they were in shock in regards to moms progression. They were always so good to mom and dad, it was nice to see them.

I got to go away last weekend for a couple of days to a concert and recharge. It was nice, Shawn and G took turns sitting with mom and pop.

Pop fell last week on Monday in his apartment and the lady that comes in (private pay) found him on the floor. He had been there all day! He is in independent living, so they do not go into their rooms on a regular basis. They just cook and clean for them. The medication reminder is a service that is separate from the facility. Thank goodness she actually went early that Monday. I think he actually feel on Sunday night while getting ready for bed. I rushed over and picked him up and brought him back to my house with us. Shawn and I took him to the Dr on Tuesday last week and they had to change his BP meds. His BP was dropping too low when he gets up from a sitting or laying position.
He stayed with us for a week, until I felt like he was more stable and the medication change was
helping. He is doing much better now!

Life is a daily adventure now! More to come

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