Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sally, Dickie, Lizzy and Fred :)

Mom has been talking a lot and her eyes are more clear than they have been in a year. I thought it was just me grasping at any sign of normalcy, but even Teri said the same thing about the eyes.

I am really beginning to think that fall really did shake some plaque lose :)

She's been yelling at me a lot this past week and keeps calling me Sally or Lizzy, again usually when I am making her do something that she doesn't want to do... I can only imagine what it was like when they were young.

Nothing eventful to report this week, but I am 100% Ok with that.. The last few have been packed to the max emotionally.

What is that saying : No news is good news! Well I have no new news.

She has really been good this past week. She slept well (seemed rested) the diet is still going well and she is keeping everything down (fingers always crossed-- My carpets and poor Teri's car can't take any more), She is very verbal and is back up and walking.

Since no news to report, thought I would share a few recent stories:

*** Shawn does not read this blog... So don't ever mention this story as he was not as amused as I was........

Each and every night Shawn helps me get mom ready for bed and actually helps me put her in the bed. The other night I had gotten her off the toilet and was cleaning her up, Shawn was standing in front of her helping hold her still. I was placing steroid cream on her back, so he was holding the top of her shirt up in the back. His hands were "tied up". He yells.... Hey..... ! Lady this is not Jerry Springer..
I said, what the hell are you talking about... He yelled again, Hey!....
I looked down and mom was cup checking him over and over... :)
I died laughing... He was not so amused.

Here is another one for the road...
Shawn, mom and I were all in the car on Sunday night taking Pop home. Mom sometimes yells for no reason and pop has learned at this point to ignore it. But Sunday night the car was completely quite, we were sitting at a light, the radio was low and mom yells.... Suck my Ass...
Shawn and I tried to ignore it and act like it didn't happen. I was honestly hoping that pops selective hearing was kicking at that moment.... But I was not so lucky.. Pop says .. Did says from the back seat, did she just say what I think she said? Shawn says Yup!
Pop said .. Ok then.. That's a new one...
I laughed so loud I snorted....

Never a Dull Moment.

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