Friday, January 30, 2015

Two weeks of a whirl-wind

First.... Sorry I've failed already.

It's been two weeks since my last post :(

I am happy to report that mom has not vomited since we visited the GI doctor more than two weeks ago. The little change to her food preparation has made all the difference.
We now grind/chop up her food for her before feeding it to her. I have to plan ahead when we go out to dinner, but anything is better than it was.

Mom fell two Thursday's ago in the bathroom when I got her off the Toilet. I bent down to pull up her underwire and she feel straight back. She slammed into the tank on the toilet with her upper shoulder and lower back. The tank shattered dumping all of the water onto the floor and the pipe broke off behind the Toilet. I pulled mom from being logged in between the toilet and the wall, onto the floor. Then I had to drag her across the floor into the hallway getting her proper against the wall. Then run back into the bathroom to shut the water off from the gushing pipe. I called Gary and yelled at him to get his ass to my house NOW. I didn't even tell him why, I just hung up.
He was pulling in the driveway in less than 10 minutes. I ran out to met him and told him all in one breathe what happened. He came inside and helped me lift mom and get her set up on the couch. He said to me, you need to calm down stay with mom and I will clean up the bathroom. I said ok.... That only lasted a hot minute before he came out bleeding from the porcelain slicing his hand.
Really.....! What else....
Shawn walked in the house with no clue what had happened. He said what? I said I have to talk to you, taking him into the bathroom. He still didn't notice their was no longer a toilet. I told him what happened and the first words we're is she ok. I explained that she did not hit her head, she hit her shoulder and back.
His medical side kicked in and he came out and checked her out, moving her shoulder and elbow.
After he was sure she was ok, he turned to me and said.... If you wanted a new toilet all you had to do was say so. You didn't have to throw mom into it to get one :)
$365 later, we now have a newly installed toilet that we all hate!  Toilets are not cheap!
Beginning that night, mom has not stopped talking. The words do not make sense, but she is talking up a storm again. Shawn says that I must have knocked some plaque lose :)

Pop had a tooth extracted on Monday this week. He has some needling from the pull, so we decided to just keep him with us all week. Terri has kept him busy with activities and kept an eye on him as well.

Wednesday our cat Bob (the one with no tail) was attacked and killed in our backyard. We are not sure if it was the two dogs running lose in the neighborhood, or something else. She was only outside for about 3 hrs, before I found her. She went outside all the time! Animal Control came yesterday and finished their investigation, so we buried her last night.

It's been a hell of a few weeks!

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